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The most advanced gynecologic surgical practice in Edgewater NJ and the region. At the Institute for Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery we offer the most advanced medical and surgical solutions to the most complex as well as the most common gynecological problems affecting women of all ages. As a leader in minimally invasive and robotic gynecologic surgery in Bergen County, Dr. Asulin routinely performs complex robotic procedures such as da Vinci robotic assisted hysterectomy, myomectomy, sacrocolpopexy as well as pelvic floor reconstruction and urinary incontinence surgery. As one of the leading experts treating advanced endometriosis, Dr. Asulin utilizes da Vinci robotic surgical system to successfully treat advanced stage of endometriosis in a minimally invasive fertility sparing procedures.

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5 Stars

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5 Stars

I can’t thank Dr Asulin enough for everything he had done for me and my family! Dr Asulin demonstrated complete true professionalism, altruism and amazing care! With his help we were able to have our little miracle! It was in 2020, a year of pandemic with difficulty of getting any planned procedure or surgery in the hospital. I have been going from gynocologists, reproductive endocrinologists and no-one was able to evaluate and get a complete picture, I was at a complete loss. There were 2 surgeries performed with hormonal treatments that did not help but made my situation made it even worse. Through the personal referral, I got into Dr Asulin’s hands. He reviewed my test results and told me unfortunately need for another surgery but fortunately he will be able to perform in a minimum invasive way using robotics technology. Just to give a reference point another doctor had said given the complexity that if he would perform, it would be open surgery with 1 year recovery. I trusted Dr Asulin fully and we had a surgery in 2 weeks as it turned out there were multiple issues including severe endometriosis, fibroids, septated uterus as well as blocked fallopian tubes as a result of unsuccessful previous surgeries that created scarring tissues, no wonder it was very difficult for me to get pregnant. It was a major reconstructive surgery and with his God’s hands I was able to recover and heal as expected. About a year later I am calling Dr Asulin to share news of a miracle! And I knew that if I would have a C-section I will only trust Dr Asulin! We were fortunate to have a baby girl via C-section performed by Dr Asulin! You are truly a God-Father of our family and I can’t thank enough Dr Asulin for everything!
5 Stars

Dr Asulin is the most dedicated, caring doctor I have met. He saved my life!

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