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Awards and Recognitions

  • The prestigious Surgeon of Excellence award in robotic gynecologic surgery by AAGL
  • The prestigious Surgeon of Excellence award in minimally invasive surgery by AAGL
  • Outstanding Laparo-Endoscopic Resident Achievement Award.
  • Practitioner in teacher of robotic surgery by intuitive surgical the maker of the da Vinci robot.
  • Director of female pelvic reconstruction and robotic surgery at holy name Hospital Teaneck
  • Director of female pelvic reconstruction and robotic surgery at Hoboken University Hospital
  • Director of female pelvic reconstruction and robotic surgery at Christ Hospital in Jersey City


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5 Stars

19 Reviews | Average Rating: 5

5 Stars

Dr. Asulin and his staff is always so kind and patient with their time. When i was looking for the best OBGYN expert, I got many recommendations to see Dr. Asulin. I am very happy with my choice.
5 Stars

Dr. Asulin has the professionalism and expertise I needed in order to overcome an issue that I had with a huge fibroid and some. Just when I was told by other doctors that it couldn’t be done, Dr. Asulin gave me hope and gave me a new start. Thank you Dr. Asulin
5 Stars

I met Dr. Yitzhack Asulin, MD by accident while dealing with my life-threatening disease. I was looking for a doctor with experience in minimally invasive surgeries when I learned that Dr. Asulin has what it takes to be a real Doctor, a compassionate human being, a competent researcher, and a skillful surgeon. Thanks, Dr. Asulin, for your understanding, bravery, genuine care, and professionalism. Miracles happen; I believe that some Divine Force sent Dr. Asulin my way. I am keeping Dr. Asulin close for further consultations, discussions on options for effective treatments, or minimally invasive procedures. There is no need to look for other doctors once you find Dr. Y. Asulin. If there are 7 stars rating for reviews, I would check all seven.
5 Stars

Absolutely one of the best there is. He has bedside manner, compassion and truly cares about what is in your best interest! I am grateful I found him.
5 Stars

Dr. Asulin is the best doctor so heartwarming , friendly, and SO caring. I'm posting this from my own experience. I went to his office for something that looked to be abnormal a bump. A couple of doctor visits and it turned out to be fibroids and were going to be removed. During the Dr. Asulin's procedure of removing my fibroids which was done robotic (so much better) a couple of small incisions made the doctor had come across a large ball inside that was attached to a blood vessels. Long story short it was a VASCULAR MASS (mine was the size of a tennis ball) in my uterus which is known to be very rare. If I would have prolonged the surgeries I probably wouldn't be here at this very moment. Dr. Asulin SAVED my life. So if you see any abnormalities go check yourself out.
5 Stars

For years I had a growing fibroid that had already reached a 10-inch diameter and was only getting bigger. My primary doctor told me that I should get it surgically removed, yet almost every doctor I spoke to told me that they would have to perform a large vertical abdominal incision to remove the fibroid. I refused to have such an invasive surgery that would lead to a long and painful recovery. Luckily this year, after doing more and more research about the possibility of having the surgery done robotically, I thankfully found Dr. Yitzhack Asulin. Practically no one wanted to operate on my very large fibroid with these more modern, robotic methods but Dr. Asulin assured me it was possible. Dr. Asulin was very professional and kind and called to answer any questions I had. The surgical coordinator in his office, Kadie, was also very accommodating and helped answer many questions I had and helped make me less nervous. I had my surgery two weeks ago and am so grateful that I went the total robotic surgery route to have my hysterectomy and remove the fibroid. I was able to walk the very next day after my surgery and am recovering well. Thank you, Dr. Asulin! Do not let doctors tell you that open surgery is the only way, robotic surgery is just as safe and is a much less painful option!
5 Stars

Every time I met with Dr Asulin I did not feel like I'm meeting with a doctor. I felt like he was taking care of me like a daughter. He was never busy consulting papers or charts, Dr Asulin always focused on me as a person. He sat with me until I was ready for him to walk out the room. I never felt him being in a rush to attend to anyone else. This was the case with every appointment, through surgery and post surgery. I cannot believe how amazing Dr Asulin is and how lucky I am to have him be my doctor. His staff is also amazing and patient no matter how busy they are. The hospital Dr Asulin chose to do surgery was also a fabulous experience. I highly recommend going to Dr Asulin for the best doctor and patient care.
5 Stars

I felt that from the first day I walked in the office it was extremely clean and, the ladies at the front desk were very professional. Now Dr Asulin he has such an amazing spirit. High positive energy extremely professional and walked me through every procedure that he performed in his office from beginning to end. I never felt rushed
5 Stars

Dr Asulin called me directly to discuss my situation. He is caring, direct, provides details and takes time with his patients. His staff is great too!
5 Stars

Doctor Asulin is a really good Doctor he takes the time to explain every detail and follows through.

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